Colorado Reining Horse Trainer


Colorado Reining Horse Trainer, NRHA judge, Chuck Nesmith has more than 30 years experience training horses and helping riders achieve their goals.  He is available for private, semi-private and group lessons, as well as clinics.  

About Chuck


Chuck has over 40 years of Equine Industry experience; he started working with horses growing up on a registered Hereford cattle ranch, in southern Colorado. It was early in his youth that he realized he had a true passion for horses. He continued learning and working with horses in his early teens helping others with their horsemanship and working with troubled horses.  After high school he apprenticed and worked with several trainers in several different disciplines.  He struggled with a consistent message that being rough and forcing the horse to do it was “how it’s done.” In the spring of 1985, his life changed when he was told about a man named Buck Brannaman. Chuck attended one of Bucks clinics and watched him get things done in minutes, what would take him weeks to accomplish. Plus the horse understood what he was being asked and… he was happy! He applied Bucks methods to his program from that day on. Chuck did not miss one of Bucks clinic’s in Colorado for the next 7 years. Either riding or auditing, he used what he learned while continuing his education, actively competing and working with exceptional horses and students.  These attributes along with his experience have formed the foundation of his training program today. Chuck has had many exceptional mentors from that time forward and he still works with them whenever the opportunity arises. Each one of them has contributed to shaping his current program.

“You never stop learning; I don't want to settle to be "good enough! I will always strive to improve. That's what I want to offer all my students! I want all my students to know How. And I want them to know Why!”  Chuck Nesmith

Chuck Nesmith is a National Reining Horse, Reined Cow Horse and Ranch Horse Versatility Trainer. He is an active NRHA Judge currently located in Fort Lupton, Colorado.  He shows competitively in NRHA, RMRHA, AQHA, RMQHA, NRCHA, CRCA and IBHA, both regionally and nationally.